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The Soraya has been welcoming its guests since 2014 with exquisite grilled dishes of lamb and chicken, fish and scampi as well as a large selection of vegetarian & vegan dishes and exciting wines.

Experience the fine cuisine of Persia in the middle of the Lüneburg water district.

We are looking forward to your visit!



The cuisine of Persia seduces and surprises, and yet always maintains balance and harmony. The unobtrusive interaction of its ingredients and dishes makes this cuisine so irresistible. Their intense aromas flatter the palate without trying to irritate it - that's their secret.

Iranian cuisine is very healthy and rich in vitamins. Iranian cuisine is particularly famous for its imaginative and rich rice dishes. Persian cuisine is based primarily on bread, rice, fresh vegetables, herbs and meat. In many dishes you can find an interplay of sweet and sour flavors. You take a lot of time when cooking.

There are two special features: In Iran, people eat with a spoon and fork; the knife is not part of the traditional place setting. In some areas it is still customary to eat your meal while sitting on the carpet. The food is placed on a large “tablecloth” (Sofreh).

But don't worry: with us you'll sit comfortably on handmade Italian chairs and of course you'll also get a knife!

Embark on a little adventure and enjoy the oriental way of dining in the stylish ambience of our 16th century house.Our entire team is looking forward to your coming! Of course, we will respond to your wishes, suggestions, praise and criticism - just talk to us!

We would be happy to discuss an individual offer for your group celebration with you. You can also order all of our food and drinks “to go”. With us you will find a number of vegan and vegetarian dishes!



Soraya means: light of the stars.

Our namesake, Princess Soraya Esfandiary Bakhtiary, had a Persian father and a German mother.

This makes her the ideal ambassador for the connection between Orient and Occident, which our house symbolizes. In the 1950s she was married to Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi of Persia. Unfortunately, she was unable to give him an heir to the throne and as a consequence the childless marriage was dissolved.

After her divorce, she was in a relationship with Maximillian Schell and Gunter Sachs, among others, and tried her hand at acting. She enjoyed traveling a lot, but was not part of the jet set, but rather lived in seclusion. She died in Paris in 2001. Her grace, her elegance and her tragic fate have always captivated the Germans.



Our house actually consists of two houses - and if you look closely at the facade from the outside, you can see that. The ensemble was built in the 16th century. The facade facing Lünertorstrasse dates from the Biedermeier era around 1830.

Originally, Reepschläger turned their ropes and ropes here. From 1865 onwards a general store was definitely operated here. The impressive “apothecary cabinet” that characterizes our rooms also dates from this time. However, it is uncertain who installed the characteristic baroque staircase.

In recent years, most Lüneburgers will have been familiar with the Spanish BODEGA, which was based here for a long time. Around 2011, the building was finally extensively restored as part of the “Wasserviertel” renovation project – it had become sorely necessary. Floors, windows, half-timbering - many things were restored in detail by restorers.

"The charm and specialness of this house has been preserved and you can feel that immediately,when you enter the room."

Excerpt from "Wasserviertel" der Hansestadt Lüneburg*

Starting in 2014, we carefully refreshed the space and have since been offering a new culinary direction in Lüneburg's historic ambience.

By dividing the rooms into several small "compartments" there is a quiet atmosphere. At the same time, we can also separate a room for your celebration. Please feel free to contact us.



Alexander, from Hamburg, found his new home in Lüneburg as part of his studies in applied cultural studies. While he was still studying, he organized projects for the “Ersties” and the “SPASS am Stint” event series. In this way he made extensive contacts in the Lüneburg gastronomy scene.

In 2014 he opened Soraya together with Sergina Beit-Allahverdi. The first Persian restaurant in Lüneburg closed a gastronomic gap. Chefs and service staff come from different parts of the world and look forward to pampering our guests with the fine cuisine of Persia.

From Friday to sunday we offer a lunch special between 11:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.: Vegan/vegetarian from €11,99 , chicken € 12,99 , lamb €13,99 , fish €14,99



Would you like to take your food with you? If you pick up your order you will receive a 10% discount (does not apply to lunch). Please feel free to order by phone 04131 - 99 80 337.


From a small appetizer platter to an extensive buffet – we fulfill your wishes individually and professionally. We look forward to your inquiry!


Give the gift of a visit to Soraya! We would be happy to issue you gift vouchers with your individual desired value and send them to you by mail.

Soraya Lüneburg – The fine cuisine of Persia

Lünertorstraße 18, 21335 Lüneburg

Mo, Di, Mi, Do 17:00 - 22:00 Uhr
Fr, Sa, So       11:30 - 22:00 Uhr

(warm food until 1 hour before closing time)

We accept card payments!